Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends, deux

So what to do when it is time to put together a little something for each child's class for Halloween? You have the following options:

1. Do nothing (doesn't feel great to pick this one, don't know why.....has something to do with the artistic legacy in my family where homemade means that you love and are loved)

2. Research for something unique, head to Jo-Ann's and spend 14 dollars on scallop punch...3 hours figuring out how to use Microsoft Art and put together a circular sentence, another 14 dollars on tiny halloween stamps, etc. As an aside, most of my friends will tell you all my sentences are circular.

3. Convey your idea to Michelle, listen with gratitude in your heart when she suggests you borrow all her supplies and oh by the way, she already has the circular font saved and does it make sense to just do the project together?

Why, yes it does. Happy Fall Y'all.

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