Sunday, October 4, 2009

Notes to those who need it.....

Note to the Knights of Columbus: Please, please, please during your fundraising efforts take off your yellow jackets that say "Help save retarded children" The times, they are a changing.

Note to my husband: When I perceive that you have dropped me like a hot potato at the climbing gym to give a 30 year old beauty a belay and I leave you stranded at the not catch a ride home from the 30 year old beauty....think it through.

Note to all who work at my local donut shop: when I ask you as you are handing me my coffee if there is sugar in it...even though I did not order sugar, please do not get huffy...refer to the last three times I have stopped by and indeed, did have sugar placed in my coffee.

Note to my colleagues in their twenties: When I am asked to meet with you during your lunch time because you are struggling with your affective education curriculum, and I bring handouts of 10 different group activities, do not flip your copy back in my face and say "Here, save a tree."
This will earn you a private chat with me where I will smile sweetly and take up an additional 20 minutes of your time while we try to get at the root causes of your anger.

Note to my daughter: Calling your Religious Education class "Church Juvie" will get all of your ICarly tv priviliges revoked, even if you tell me that you heard the word "Juvie" on a Disney show.

Note to self: If you are feeling overburdened, go to church and listen to a guest minister speak about her travels in Israel and Palestine. Listen to the stories of displacement, mistrust, and pain. Get a bit of perspective on your first world problems.


  1. Note to Kayla: You are the ABSOLUTE BEST! Don't ever forget it.

  2. Note to Kayla's aching achilles: Help a girl out when she is looking for some endorphins - cooperate already.