Monday, October 12, 2009

The Wrong Side of 30

My husband is an avid soccer fan. So avid, he gets excited when he hears about a football match being televised at a local bar, and then immediately defeated when he realizes it is usually the wrong kind of football. Because of this passion of his, I have had the distinct pleasure of listening to great announcers with wonderful accents. More charming than the accents, though, are the announcers abilities to cut right to it. This previous Saturday, Sweden was playing in a world cup qualifying match. I was at dinner with friends, but my husband reported that one of the announcers said to his mate "You know, Sweden just has too many players the wrong side of 30." A new theme is born. We have now, in the space of 72 hours, thoroughly integrated this into our lexicon.

Let me be clear; we are on the side of 30 the announcer was talking about and for soccer...Yep, it's the wrong side. I learned that years ago when 20 year olds started running backwards so I could hear their trash talk on the pitch. We are on the wrong side of 30 for attending loud rock concerts. Last one I was at, I spent the night daydreaming about a latte and a folk band.

Still, I think we are on the right side of 30 f0r the following:
1. Knowing that our relationships are precious and the very least of what is precious is what we look like.
2. Being present in the moment, having experienced enough loss to know that there are no guarantees of anything for anybody.
3. Appreciating something handmade, even if it is a bit wobbly far more than the latest "it" item from Anthropologie.
4. Not sweating the extra 5 pounds, the gray hair, and even the old-lady whisker on the chin. Hell, I earned 'em all.
5. Spending more time in contemplative activities...slowing it down, and cutting out some of the bad books and bad TV....I do not count "Dancing with the Stars" as bad TV, nor do I count People magazine as a bad book which brings me to my last item....

On this side of 30, you get to define for yourself what fits and what you are passionate about....I'm the person who says who I am...and I hope that definition continues to be fluid.


  1. Reminds me of the quote on Sex in The City when she says she is turning "thirty twelve"...and still I think of what the octogenarians in the world think of us sprightly young-'uns.
    Well done.

  2. Hear, hear! which I found out means "hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!" I think it fits here.

  3. I'd sweat the chin hairs - not a good look :)