Monday, February 22, 2010

Apres Ski Day

12:00am. Wake up from couch where I have dozed off watching the Olympics....takes a few minutes to realize I can't stand up. Takes a few more minutes to realize I can't walk...crawl up the stairs to bed.

3:00am. Must drink water...still can't move...wait patiently for the water to appear within range of my throwing something at it and catching a few drops from the spill. Fall back asleep while waiting.

5:00am Time to go the the bathroom...still can't move...vaguely wonder what has happened to all the muscles in my body....make it to the bathroom...feel like an Olympian.

6:30am Youngest appears in bedroom to ask if we are going skiing again today....I would answer with irony except that I'm saving all my energy for the walk downstairs which I know is coming.

7:30am Husband bounds out of bed with no problem and announces he is making waffles. I calculate how much energy it will take to chew. Seems like a reasonable goal.

8:30 Time to start moving and working out the kinks. Wonder how on earth skiing moguls on a run that lasts under 20 seconds could do this to me? Figure out that the ski place I am so fond of must have been built on ancient burial grounds and that I am paying for the sins of my forefathers. It is truly the only thing that makes sense.

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