Saturday, February 6, 2010

A day in the life

This thing started way back in the day when my sister and I spent six hours making wrapping paper. We cut out a gingerbread person outline from a potato, no easy task in and of itself, and then spent the next several hours hand painting little bow ties and buttons on each image. If memory serves me well, I believe the present itself was worth under ten dollars. This is not well behavior. I don't know the name of the affliction but I don't believe it has gotten any better over the years. It is not just making things, that is good. It is making things that don't need to be made when there is no time to make them.....differentiation of crafts.
Notice the shipping tags above. One is a pale tan. The other, looking suspiciously exactly like the unadorned one, has been painted with white gesso...a process that took all morning. Notice the white string.....exactly what a book mark needs. I thought differently and added beads and ribbon, a process that took most of the afternoon. Then, the bookmarks were ready to be decorated by my children, and they did a fabulous job. As I am typing this, we are not done but I have figured out how to make envelopes out of doilies and so we are adding that to the finished product. That should take the rest of the night. Mission complete. 42 Valentine bookmarks that approximately .023 percent of my children's friends will keep.
A day making valentines. My back hurts and I'm no closer to a cure for NCD (no craft differentiation) and everyone is cranky. Still, there is pride of craftsmanship and we spent some time together without any screens. That is a good day.


  1. You have NCD bad!
    But these are really cute.

  2. I think you need a support group. They are nice though.