Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little shout out to Sarah

Here is the deal Sarah Palin: I would not be so proud of myself and so disdainful of the President if I had to write a note on my hand to remember the word "energy". Although I don't agree with any of your politics, your different views make our country what it is, a place where divergent ideas can be discussed. Still, when I heard you ask your audience how "that hope-y, change-y thing was going" I felt in my bones that I will move to Europe if you get elected. I have never felt that before, not even with 43. Truth is, I have felt for a long time that my value system and my belief that we have a moral obligation to care about those who have less opportunity and a less fortunate road to walk is no longer in the mainstream in this country. The fact that we have to debate whether vulnerable citizens in this country have a right to health care makes me heartsick.

My task is to find compassion for you. Instead of shouting "Ass" at the top of my lungs at the TV set, and earning a mini-lecture from the little super-egos I have by my side at all times, I am making a commitment to think of you as needing support. Support in moving from a place of fear and hatred to the realization that we are all connected. The wolves you shoot from the plane, the liberals you feel are dragging down this country, and the father of your grandson. All connected.

Maybe I will stick it out in this country. I feel much better after our chat.


  1. I second that...she is a tough pill to swallow.

  2. Maybe you should try "going rogue" on her.