Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ski Day

Vacation is winding to an end, and I'm feeling pretty good. We have a local hill that towers at 410 feet and each year, conditions allowing, they put in the bumps. This is a big moment to the family, and renews our commitment to our small slice of heaven.

OK, so our little place has one chair lift, one Tbar, and the "carrots" also has no lines, no surly lift operators, and no mad-dogs (except for my husband, on occasion). I have come to love this place. We can go after church or after a playdate or even after school. It represents winter and for me, the beauty of New England. Growing up, I had to get up at 4:00am and drive 5 hours to southern Colorado. The skiing was better but it wasn't a lifestyle, it was a special treat that we did on occasion. My kids (as evidenced by my Sports Illustrated photography) are already skiing with more confidence and abandon than I have ever mustered. I now feel blessed, at age 46, to learn to ski moguls because I want to be able to ski with my family, on occasion. So, our little place is just perfect for them, and for me. Enjoy the gifts of the season!

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