Sunday, February 7, 2010

Notes from the Slope

The toughest thing about "recovery" is figuring out where your limits are. The docs have lifted my physical restrictions, but I am having a hell of a time getting my heart beat down when I exert myself. Most of all, this whole experience has left me feeling vulnerable and aware of the fragility of good health. The next phase of the journey resides in my psyche.

We ski together as a family and the kids have missed me on the slopes. For the record, they did not miss me so much that they stayed home with me in solidarity but they were with me in spirit. This week-end, I thought I could venture out on a small hill by our house and give it a go.

The day was crisp and cold with a good wind blowing. My first surprise was that Emma can now ride the chair lifts with very little assistance. Luke is working on getting up enough speed on the jumps to do a helicopter. Scott continues his tele-ways while doing a few rad jumps himself. For me, the runs were short enough that I was blissfully unaware of my heart rate and fully concentrating on maintaining good form. The snow was good and we skied for two straight hours until the wind picked up and I couldn't feel my nose.

"Mom, did you notice Ski Ward is jam-packed with the cutest baby skiers? That's because this is where it all begins." Mature 9 year old skier

"Mom...look at Dad....oh my gosh, he nailed it" Devoted 7 year old skier

"Good to have you back Sweetie" Best tele skier on the slopes

"This was the best ski day I have had in a long time" Grateful mom skier who will never, ever take a day of skiing for granted again in her life.

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