Friday, February 12, 2010

Spreading the Love

Here is a good definition of friendship: a friend takes an impulse you have that is going to led to nothing good, and turns it around. My buddy over at did just that and came up with a great blog post entitled "100 comforts". I am going to join in the good karma effort and so here is my list of 100 comforts in no particular order:

1. Hiking in the woods in the winter.
2. Climbing with my husband....this one is really a survival thing as he is rock solid up there:)
3. Smartwool can't live in New England without 'em.
4. Singing in church, in the shower, and in the car.
5. Reading and writing poetry.
6. Sledding with my children.
7. Kayaking
8. Old friends...the ones who know the stuff that better not get out
9. New friends...the ones that let you begin anew
10. Running or playing soccer until it feels like you might vomit blood...I know, I therapist worked on this one for years.
11. My Nikon camera and the sound it makes when I take a picture...very definitive, yet not since the next item on my list is...
12. The delete button on my Nikon camera.
13. Bob Dylan's frayed voice and his laser lyrics.
14. My job and my high-spirited students...they help me age backwards.
15. My minister and my UU church.
16. My cowgirl pajamas.
17. My red cowboy boots.
18. Black-eyed peas.
19. Two-stepping
20. Painting "good karma" boxes
21. HH the Dalai Lama
22. Meditation
23. Philosophy and my philosophical friends
24. Laughing until I can't stand up
25. Green chilies in almost any dish
26. Peterboro
27. The desert and the smell of sage.
28. Drinking out of a mountain stream (less comforting a bit later but a small price to pay)
29. Sleeping in a bivy bag while staring at Half-Dome.
30. My grandmothers memory and knowledge that lives on
31. My grandmother's quilts on my bed, my daughter's bed, and my son's wall.
32. Knitting and bamboo needles.
33. Line-dried clothes that smell like summer.
34. Babies that smile at you with delight when you walk in a room.
35. Bloggers and blogging and the circle we are all trying to create.
36. Rituals
37. Ice-skating in the summer.
38. The mountains in New Hampshire in the autumn.
39. A warm croissant from Texas French Bread.
40. My Texas people...quick with offers of help even if they have to fly 2000 miles.
41. My New England people....their fortitude is a beautiful backdrop to my life here.
43. My garden...wild and old and sometimes not recognizable as a cultivated plot.
44. Chipotle's
45. Snowshoes
46. Freshly tuned skis
47. Tibetan monks and their throat singing
48. My artist friends and their ability to see beauty in discarded things.
49. My doctors
50. My African-Cuban drum
51. Dancing to "Happy Feet"
52. My book club, my knitting club, and my crafting club
53. The smell of the Sunday newspaper.
54. Eggnog lattes
55. My daughter's eyes and my son's grin.
56. My husband's gentle spirit
57. Japanese print fabric
58. pom-poms
59. Vintage anything
60 Brimfield
61. Bonfires
62. Used books and used bookstores, especially the ones with a resident cat
63. Dories
64. Obscure museums like The Texas Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Hereford, Tx.
65 Rocky Maine coast
66. Shiner Bock beer.
67. Clogs with embroidered flowers.
68. Bright green kitchen walls (thanks Tracie)
69. Children's books with an edge.
70. Poetry slams.
71. Soccer games in big stadiums.
72. Scrapbooks from my childhood.
73. Clean bathrooms
74. Lime green boots
75. The newest book in a series.
76. The first swim of the season...catching your breath afterward
77. Birds at my bird feeder
78. Peeling is everywhere at my house so I have decided it is a symbol of impermanence.
79. Curling
80. Playing basketball with my students and holding my own for about 5 minutes.
81. This joke....What did the snail say when he caught a ride on the turtle's back? WHHEEEEEE
82. Some Kind of Blue, Miles Davis
83. Heavy eyelids of my kids right before they fall asleep.
84. Depression glass
85. Old jeans that still fit
86. Art supplies
87. Prayer bowl
88. Pedicures in the dead of winter
89. Making stuff out of old beer coaster ornaments were a big hit.
90. People with the energy to volunteer.
91. Journals
92. Karma
93. Aluminium water bottles
94. Saucony running shoes
95. Weeds that might be wildflowers
96. A sharp pizza cutter
97. Teaching my daughter to knit
98. Seasonal decorations like the decomposed pumpkins in my front yard that will stay there until the summer.
99. Old trees
100. This moment:)
Join the fun!


  1. How can it be that out of 100 things, we only share about 6? The green walls do rock though!

  2. Finally finished my list, and have now given myself permission to read everyone else's. Now I'm going to start a new list: things I love that I remembered I love when I read them on someone else's list of loves.